About Primus Forestry Management

Primus Forestry is a full service forest management consulting company specializing in prescribed burns and fire mitigation services. We welcome both large and small scale projects and can provide you with a safe, well managed forest health plan for any size land area. We also provide inspection of land for forest fire hazards and fuel reduction for private, state and federal agencies.

We have completed  numerous projects in cooperation with State and Federal forestry agencies managing large scale burn projects and are Certified Prescribed Burn Managers (CPBM).  Primus Forestry brings this expertise and 10 years of experience in Wildland firefighting and controlled burning  to every project.  Primus Foresty employs a highly qualfied team of forestry professionals and approachs every project with a customized management plan.

Primus Forestry was founded  in 2002 by Reto Niklaus after 30 years of experience in Forestry operations in Europe and across the Midwest, Southeast and the Rocky Mountain Region.   He is trained as Wildland Firefighter with experience in wildfire suppression and prescribed burns.  Reto is qualfied as an Incident Commander Type 4, Burn Crew Supervisor & Burn Boss Trainee, Firing Boss, Engine & Squad Boss,  and Timber Faller.  He is certified in the following:  

  • RXB2-T 
  • FIRB 
  • RXI (1 & 2)      
  • ICT4      
  • ENGB  
  • FALB/C
  • FFTI

Reto brings his in depth knowledge and experience of forest health, fire suppression and burn control to every project Primus Forestry conducts.  Please see the testimonials page and photos to see examples of Primus Forestry projects.




Reto Niklaus, CV