Quotes Reto Niklaus of Primus Forestry Management is the best cutter that I have every met! I was in need of help with my Colorado Forestry Service project as I was running out of completion time when Reto stepped in and helped me finish. While working with Reto, I learned many helpful and easier ways of working in the forest and with timber. If you need assistance, Reto is your man. November, 2010 Quotes
Tom Fey

Quotes Primus Forestry, under the direction of Reto Niklaus, came to my Mountain home to remove trees extremely close to the dwelling. With quiet efficiency, speed and expertise within mere hours my home was looking like a new place. With team approach they coordinated their efforts and plan of six trees taken down in an extremely orderly fashion. Additionally removing high hanging branches over the house and the surrounding area from trees left standing to dramatically improve the area for fire mitigation and attractiveness. The slash and logs were cut to haul away proportions all done quickly and without any damage or adverse effect to my landscaping. I would highly recommend Primus Forestry without reservation for any Home owners or Insurance Company's requirements. Nederland, CO September, 2010 Quotes
Roy Varela