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Rates are based on each project which is customized to the scope and scale of the land area and needs of the landowners.


Please contact us to get started with a proposal for your project. Large and small projects are welcome.

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Primus Forestry Services

Fire Mitigation: fire mitigation is used to reduce the risks of property loss due to wildfires while also creating healthier forests.

Mechanical Thinning: We use equipment that will not unneccessarily disturb any of your property. Mechanical thinning is doing precise work with chainsaws to have minimal impact on the land.

Fuel Reduction: Projects include thinning brush, trees, and dead fuels adjacent to vulnerable homes and infrastructure. This will increase crown spacing between  trees; remove ladder fuels, reduce brush continuity to minimize fire spread and intensity; and reduce fuel load to improve forest health. Clippings will be chipped or piled for burning.

Hazardous Tree Removal: Our highly trained sawyers are able to fell trees in any type of setting. This can include trees near houses, structures, and powerlines. Dead and burned trees can also present special risks which are sawyers can remove.

Consulting: We offer consultations to help in managing large and small areas of forest. A forester will help you in managing your property to improve your forest’s health.

Land Clearing/ Site Preparation: We are able to clear both large and small properties to clear land or in preparation for building on site.

RX Burn Operation: Analysis of forest property and development of the resource management plan. Determine the needs of each stand and what actions should be taken to meet these needs. Prescribed fire as well as other alternatives should be addressed and a decision reached regarding the preferred treatment. In many cases prescribed fire is effective as one activity in conjunction with other resource management activities.

Fire Suppression: We fight fire with maximum efficiency and with the highest regard for safety and risk management. Our intent is to protect life, property, and atrisk lands and resources.

Byproduct Services: We are able to process the byproducts of your project however you like. We offer complete hauling of all slash and logs offsite or onsite processing of byproducts into wood chips or firewood.

Firewood Delivery: We offer firewood delivery of both pine and hardwood. All firewood comes from sustainable forestry practices.